Тема: There are two corrupted night elf settlements, each about halfway up t

Illidan has finally gained freedom after 10 millennia of imprisonment. Suddenly, he is confronted by Arthas and invited to embark on a quest that will supposedly benefit him. Stealing the skull of Gul'dan from Tichondrius will remove the corruption that pervades the forest, but how does it play into the machinations of the lich king?

Walk-Through You've lost Furion and Tyrande for this mission, but you gain the use of Illidan and his strong melee abilities. Furthermore, you've got access to the druid of the talon, which is useful as WOW WoTLK Classic Gold a scout in stormcrow form, and the druid of the claw, which can enhance battle performance with the roar spell and can assume bear form for seriously upgraded combat prowess. Utilize the druid of the claw especially in your army on this mission, along with the standard formula of archers, huntresses, and dryads.

The skull of Gul'dan is well protected.

Your first goal is to reach the skull of Gul'dan, which is protected in the upper right corner by several infernals and felhounds. There are gold mines to the west and north of your base, so expand to one of these as soon as you can. Be warned, though--they'll be attacked quite a bit by doom guards and corrupted satyrs. You'll be running your army back and forth between your expansion and your main base constantly, so if you want to split your forces in two and leave one at each base, it's a good idea to do so.

There are two corrupted night elf settlements, each about halfway up the map on each side. You can destroy these if you want to eliminate the satyr attacks on your bases. The really annoying attacks are the ones made by doom guards and felhounds, however, and those appear on the map via demon gates, so razing the bases is pretty optional.

Tichondrius' guard is even more daunting.

Once you have a massive attack force, head up to the skull of Gul'dan. With enough troops you'll make short work of the infernals and doom guards protecting the artifact. Illidan's immolation ability makes him even more effective in combat, as does the druid of the claw's roar. Slaughter the skull's protectors, then move Illidan to cheap WoTLK Gold it to initiate his metamorphosis. After he becomes a demon, your goal will be to destroy Tichondrius, who is located in the upper right of the map.