Тема: Within the house you will find beakers and substances all over on tab

Within the Best OSRS Gold site house you will find beakers and substances all over on tables, and also A Professors Head. Hello? Oh thank Saradomin, somebody is here! Ah! How did you lose your head? Well. . .It's somewhat embarrassing... Inform me afterward. I'd rather not... Well, in that case, I will be leaving now. No, WAIT! I say, wait! Well. . .Okay...I MAY have shrunk myself... Come back again? I have been doing experiments on a shrinkbox, to shrink people to fit in you pocket, or to shrink huge things to little pieces, and then"re-grow" them . . .it did go a bit wrong...

Do not tell me - it split your head from your body. Not quite. . .It shrank my entire body, but not my mind! What? And now someone's taken the ingredients to the regrowth formula! Who? I could not see - I'd rolled over by injury. All I saw was one of these had no arm. One of these? Well. . .yes. . .there were so... Anyhow, now I want a person to get back me the ingredients! Can not you get somebody else?

Just how long have you been a mind? Why not? Ummmm....no (end dialogue ) Why not? Good. Now, go and find out and find my ingredients. Those are the components?! They worked the first time! The only thing I know is I discovered horses and one of those robber's had no arm. Thanks.

Should you speak to him , you can ask for the ingredients left to accumulate orWhere could they have got a horse? Didn't you hear? Chestnut stables opened up, west of this barbarian outpost. I'd try there . Thanks. Locate the new construction, chestnut stables, and speak to Pamela, the trainer. Hello, and welcome to Chestnut Stables! How can you find us? A professor told me.

Well, word does travel fast. I have not told anybody, and just sold a horse to somebody who happened to be walking about here. Just how many arms did he consume? That's a funny question! However, now you mention it, I think his left arm has been missing! Okay, okay. He said he was looking for a new type of tree, a very rare one. I advised him that it's been rumoured buy RS gold that a mysterious sort of tree was seen in the woods west of these legends guild. See you shortly!