Тема: I have already begun playing

Thus, I have recently decided to play with it again. I've got three or four old reports, all enrolled with one or two of my maybe four or five emails. . I used to OSRS gold get more but I deleted them a while back. . Expecting none of these emails were to my own higher level balances, but I digress.

I recently registered a new account/in-game username, I am not even sure if I'd entered an email to the input, but I know my password and character name however I am not sure what email I had entered if I even did. It clearly keeps asking for this, and I've already tried all of the emails that I have. I'm not sure what the deal is here, or how to recover my account.

I've tried messaging Jagex for my other Runescape accounts, however, they haven't gotten back to me after a day or two, so I do not know whether they are likely to respond to me. I will try one final time with this new account since I really wanted to use this username, but. . In that case, how long would I have to wait to re-register together with the desirable in-game name? If not, if I just try phoning Jagex directly through their contactus@jagex (that's likely not the email, but it's similar and that I could just go and get it from their site. .) I remember the password for the accounts. Even if I have forgotten, I've just forgotten a very modest part - If necessary, I can only re-appeal several times before I get the password directly if anything. Kind of silly, but whatever.

I have already begun playing with a different account, and while I enjoy the new username I have selected, I'd like the other. I am presuming my high-level balances were hacked because the email to my recent high-level account was inactive but I believe level 50+ your account isn't deleted for Cheap RS gold inactivity, no? Either it had been waxed, or I don't have any clue what happened, however, I have no character name. Unless I changed the email for that account, in which case I do not know how I'll recuperate that specific account.