Тема: Keep in mind though osrs gold

Where bots were rather widespread on many different kinds of resources previously, they are more concentrated around a smaller number of botted resources today. So you won't find bots around every yew tree.

So that is really better for somebody who has not ever played Osrs gold?

However, the combat is waay more complicated (and imo, fun). Osrs is more about the journey. A whole lot more grindy to level up and stuff.

But in the long run they're nearly very different matches. I would recommend giving a good amount of time to both (like 20 hours to every if you can) and seeing which you enjoy more. Or just play on and off.

Keep in mind though osrs gold really excels in end game boss content (And quests, but those are a one time done thing), but the combat is complicated and a little difficult to grasp.

I'm near my 15 year cape and that I still only use legacy combat. However, I don't boss, so it doesn't matter how much.

Thats okay, but imo that the Buy Rs gold eoc battle is far more fun once you learn it. However, there's quite a learning curve so that you need quite a investment to understand it. Using revolution to start off may be a way to get to it without a lot of difficulty (though its still not as easy as heritage naturally ) However, now its very fine minus some issues.

Yeah I hear it's great and raises DPS enough you can't really endgame boss with no. I am all about skilling and seeking to make money from skills myself, therefore I do not do battle much in general.