Тема: As we get closer to the Madden NFL 23 Draft

It's true that it's a second round pick , but I'd say this is the worst thing to happen.To Madden 23 Coins my eyes, Seattle seems intimately aware of the future, and is recognizing that they're going to be a bad team in 2022. In fact, I envy this about them. This is a team playing to add depth and have made an impact in the QB-heavy environment during the 2023 Madden NFL 23 Draft.

Corral feels like an unnecessary loss in a waterway this deep. It also muddies the water before we reach next year. If you're not planning to start his training immediately, so that you can assess, you're discarding a pick right now and making it extremely difficult to justify having a QB next year.

I'm not expecting Seattle being a victim of this considering the talent that remains on the board. Kaiir Elam is still on the board here, Skyy Moore is available. What is the reason why you not take advantage of two potential construction blocks to go with a quarterback who may not even be in the mix within the next year?

As we get closer to the Madden NFL 23 Draft and on Tuesday Todd McShay published his latest mock draft that features two rounds and some shocking surprises.

No, it's not. I don't want to coMadden NFL 23ate "surprises" with "wrong." What I'm seeing in this mock absolutely could be a reality, and there's significant amount of rationality behind each pick. In all honesty, as an avid Carolina Panthers fan, I might throw up in my mouth a little bit if Kennt Pickett gets picked at No. 6 overall -- but I digress.Check out ESPN to read the complete breakdown, but here are the main things that jumped out at me.

McShay isn't first to have Walker taking off on the board. Heck, even on Madden NFL 23.com Charles Davis has him picking the first selection with the Jaguars. It's still awe-inspiring to Buy Mut 23 Coins observe Walker taking the number. 2 overall selection for the Lions.